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Our Mission

Crosshairs is a grass roots movement dedicated to putting boots on the ground at election time. Our goal is to collect a dedicated group of volunteers that can be ready at a moments notice.



Our crew targets electoral ridings where our supported candidates are at risk of losing. Taking part in Canada’s democratic process is essential to ensure that we get the representatives that we deserve.

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It is our democratic duty to ensure that our value system is maintained. We are always looking for new dedicated volunteers that share our conservative values and will work to protect them.

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About us

Crosshairs is determined to protect real Canadian values.

Freedom is never free. We consider it out democratic duty to put boots on the ground at election time.

Candidates that represent our value system are in short supply, and they need our help. By using the rights handed down to us by those who fought to uphold them, we will help sway the tide where it is needed most.


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True Leadership of appreciation thanking the citizens for the opportunity to serve.the public in a true Democracy in Canada.